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Preview Gerald Donald's latest solo work in full

March 2018

This time round, the prolific collaborator strikes out alone as XOR Gate

Former Drexciyan and science enthusiast Gerald Donald is continuing his elusive electronic operations in the form of a revived solo project named after a digital logic: XOR Gate. The US musician is best known for his various past Detroit projects with James Stinson as Drexciya, LAM, Elektroids and Abstract Thought. More recently he’s been involved in his ongoing German based projects such as Dopplereffekt with Nhan Le Thi, and Daughter Produkt with Annie Hall.

XOR Gate's debut album Conic Sections is a further development of a project initially commissioned for an exhibition at ArtCenter South Florida in 2016. Then working under the alias Heinrich Mueller-Dataphysix Renormalon, Donald composed four themes inspired by the geometric study of cone and plane intersections. The music has expanded to include eight different themes all woven into one long track.

Conic Sections is released on 30 March by Tresor




Lovely audio as always

Beautiful as always

Love it. Sorce of inspiration. His work will be remembered in the long run. Hope he will give us a lot more of it

He's always doing something interesting...i especially like the passage starting around 6:30

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