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Roberto Conlazo remembers Reynols’ recording sessions

February 2019

Pica Disk founder Lasse Marhaug selects tracks from Argentinian cult group Reynols’ new box set Minecxio Emanation 1993–2018, while band member Roberto Conlazo gives his personal insights about each recording

52 Reynols tracks, most of them previously unreleased, have been compiled into a six CD box set by Lasse Marhaug's Pica Disk imprint. Reynols formed in 1993 in Buenos Aires and included members Roberto Conlazo, Alan Courtis and Miguel Tomasín, a drummer with Down's Syndrome described by the group as their “spiritual architect”. This playlist was selected by Marhaug, who says the box set “barely scratches the surface”. Track by track commentary by Roberto Conlazo, translated by Alan Courtis.

“Paleolithic Tango”
Recorded live on 6 October 1994 at Die Schule, Buenos Aires

“That night at the concert we turned off all lights, the only one remaining was the red light of a guitar amplifier. The idea was to discover what cavemen felt the first time they played music.”

“Gavon Poliver”
From the previously unreleased Vedeoms Tecrete album, recorded in Buenos Aires, 2001–03

“That day watching The Three Stooges Miguel said Moe was Freud. So I asked who were the other two ones and he replied: Freud! After laughing Miguel told us we have to record because now is tomorrow.”

“Jaz Ronco Mentalimo”
From the limited edition Jaz Ronco Jits CDR series. Recorded in Buenos Aires during the Argentine crisis, 2001–02

“In this recording you can hear me on piano, Alan on bass and Miguel on his first attempt ever to play an andino sax (a cheap wooden version of a sax bought in a park). How Miguel could get such connection with Albert Ayler without even listening to him is still a mystery, only El Pajaro Mixto knows the answer.”

“10.000 Chickens’ Symphony (Part C)”
Outtake from 10.000 Chickens’ Symphony Drone Records 7", 2000

“It was a difficult recording session: the chickens tried several times to eat the microphones and the farm owner interrupted with his air compressed rifle using fireflies instead of bullets and shooting until they glowed in the air.”

“Sarrina Selebros 1947”
From the previously unreleased album Roniles Dasa Selebro, recorded in Buenos Aires, 2000–01

“Originally a song we recorded for our personal hairdresser Fernando Alberto and a tribute for the hairdressers of all eras.”

Reynols/Pauline Oliveros
“El Pajaro Mixto Returns”
Outtake from Pauline Oliveros In The Arms Of Reynols JDK, 1999. Courtesy of The Pauline Oliveros Trust

“I’ll always remember a weekend in Kingston, NY talking with our astral grandmother Pauline and Ione about the influence of the moon in music. Here's an outtake of this fruitful collaboration.”

Acid Mothers Temple & Reynols
“Burning The Sun, Gently”
Recorded live at CASO, Buenos Aires, 29 November 2017

“The audience was expecting extreme noise but was surprised by beautiful bells and guitars shaping the rays as if an inner diamond.”

Minecxio Emanation 1993–2018 is available from Pica Disk

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