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Razen share recordings from live performances

September 2018

The Belgian improvising duo aim to bring new life to traditional instruments

“The main thing for Razen is to let the instruments speak out,” says the group's lutenist and guitarist Brecht Ameel, speaking to Julian Cowley in The Wire 416. “The notion of using your technique to put instrumental characteristics first and not the player’s abilities is fundamental. We want to create musical settings that allow our instruments to work their timbral magic.” Brussels based Ameel and his musical partner, bagpipe improvisor Kim Delcour, have been experimenting and performing together since 2009. They've released several albums via labels including (K-RAA-K)³, three:four and, most recently, Meakusma.

“Razen Plays AB + Jünglingshaus” is a montage of live fragments, culled from live recordings at AB Brussels and Jünglingshaus in Eupen. More live edits and montages are set to be released alongside a short documentary via the Taping Policies label.

Razen play with Nate Wooley at Werkplaats Walter in Brussels on 12 October, and The Night Receptionist is available now on Meakusma. Wire subscribers can read Razen's full interview via The Wire's online archive.

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