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Listen to a selection of tracks featured on Sonidos Raíces Del Perú

June 2016

Sounds And Colours founder Russ Slater offers some Peruvian sounds remixed South American style, along with two original field recordings and a previously unreleased track

Occasional Wire contributor Russ Slater’s Sounds And Colours imprint has released a selection of South American remixes of Peruvian field recordings. Called Sonidos Raíces Del Perú, the project sourced its original sounds from a massive archive of Peruvian sonic artefacts amassed by French film maker Vincent Moon on recording expeditions that took him all over Peru in 2013. The label invited producers from the rest of South America to respond to the different Peruvian source materials made available to them. Chilean producer El Sueño De La Casa Propia took inspiration from the traditional sounds of the Andes; Señor Griff transformed a Huancavelican folk song by Los Maqtas; Ed Bird reworked Gady Mucha Soto’s saxophone orchestra; El Remolón and Psilosamples remixed tracks by folk musician Edith Ramos Guerra; Pigmalião and Dolli worked with the decimá poetry of Hildebrando Briones, and Nillo & Sentidor (who appeared on an earlier Sound And Colours collection called SIBÖ Revisited) used field recordings of an ayahuasca ritual held in the Amazon village of Puerto Prado.

“Our aim was to show the beauty of traditional Peruvian music and customs, but in a completely different context,” explains Slater. “Asking some of our favourite Latin American producers to reconfigure the sounds, retaining their soul but offering new environments in which they can be enjoyed.”

This sampling of tracks includes “La Familia Choquihillca” and “Viracocha”, from Sonidos Raíces Del Perú; they’re matched with “Marinera Canchina” and “Untitled #7”, from Vincent Moon's Sonidos Del Peru anthology of field recordings, as “La Familia Choquihillca” uses samples of the former, and “Viracocha” sources sample sounds from the latter. The final track “Justina Y Su Ayahuasca” is an exclusive that didn’t make the album’s final cut.

Sonidos Raíces Del Perú is released by Sounds and Colours, also available via Bandcamp.

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