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Stream Aphorisms by Khaled Kurbeh & Raman Khalaf Ensemble

October 2017

Henrik Schwarz’s !K7 imprint Between Buttons presents a new LP by the Syrian collaborators

House producer and DJ Henrik Schwarz recently teamed up with the German electronic label !K7 to found Between Buttons, a new sublabel focussed on acoustic sounds and contemporary composition. The imprint's second release is Aphorisms, written by Syrian pianist Khaled Kurbeh and oud player Raman Khalaf. The album is recorded with a group of Berlin based musicians, including jazz bassist Tom Berkmann, djembe player Moussa Coulibaly, Syrian-German violinist Ashraf Kateb, jazz drummer Mathias Ruppnig and experimental percussionist Nora Thiele. Their live performances have incorporated electronic elements, with such shows taking place at CTM and Potsdamer Tanztage dance festival.

“The record was composed over the last two years and blurs the line between written music and improvised playing,” says Raman. Khaled adds that, “the pieces articulate our reflections on different topics such as solitude, absurdism and despair, all set to a fictional musical narrative, hence the title Aphorisms.

Aphorisms is reviewed in The Wire issue 405. Subscribers can access the full review via the online archive. It is released 3 November 2017 by Between Buttons.


This is amazing. Can you give me more recommendations when it comes to more oud music ??

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