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Stream Arikon's The Prophet's Blood Is Boiling

April 2018

Berlin based drummer Arik Hayut presents new solo album of ritualistic beats and drone

The Prophet's Blood Is Boiling is the first release by percussionist and producer Arik Hayut under his new Arikon moniker. It's released by Portals Editions, a Berlin based sound art collective and imprint, which Hayut joined after making the move from Tel Aviv to Germany in the late 1990s. Following two previous Portals Editions releases with his collaborator Pierce Warnecke as part of the live techno drone duo Gainstage, this latest record is Hayut's personal account. Catalysed by his own serious health scare, the record's tracks explore ideas of decay through sound while their titles refer to the mythological monsters found in Jewish non-canonical scriptures.

"The drum tracks that form the backbone of most music on the album originate from years of lo-fi recordings of drum patterns,” explains Hayut. “Through the contradiction between these analogue lo-fi recordings on one hand, and the hi-tech digital facility on which they were produced and edited on the other, mixed together with dense drone textures, I was striving to reach a very specific distorted-beat sound aesthetic, which I call Drum & Drone. Drumming for me, above genre or technique, is a ritualistic act, an act of trance, hence a practice of magic. I do believe in the energetic, therapeutic effect of playing the drums – both for me as a player/producer and for the audience – and this would be one of my main motivations of doing so, side by side with the joy of carving time to my own specific beats and grooves in the studio.”

The Prophet's Blood Is Boiling is released by Portals Editions on 13 April

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