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Stream Carl Craig’s new 12” featuring an orchestral adaptation of “Sandstorms”

February 2017

Carl Craig is set to revisit a selection of classic tracks by reworking them with classical musicians – stream the preemptive release Sandstorms

Techno pioneer Carl Craig has a new album on the way comprised of eight tracks from his discography reconfigured by classical musicians and Craig.

The tracks streamed here are from the forthcoming 12" Sandstorms, a piece originally released on the 2004 EP Just Another Day, and will be featured on the new album Versus. The new recordings were made in collaboration with Francesco Tristano and featuring the Les Siècles orchestra conducted by Francois-Xavier Roth, with the 12” including both a studio version of the new orchestral adaptation, as well as a previously unreleased take of the original.

Sandstorms will be released on blue vinyl on 17 March via Planet E and InFiné (pre-order here). Versus will be released on 5 May. There will also be a live tour for the album, with the first date scheduled at the Detroit Movement festival between 27-29 May.


this doesn't sound anything like sandstorm

Why do people do this kind of thing? Is it to give techno some kind of mainstream credibility because today's audience is too lazy, conservative or clueless to spend time with the originals? Without exception, the 'classical' or orchestral versions by May, Mills, Tristano and now Carl Craig sound clumsy, overwrought and pretentious. Are these artists trying to tell us that their music was somehow always intended for these kind of treatments? The fabulous, strange and very personal originals will never be improved by this misguided idea. Perhaps it's simply what you do when you run out of ideas.

Although I'm a purist... I think that music is constantly evolving and so it's good to experiment.

Synthesizers are not everything. Every artist has the right to further development.Every Artist need the right to further development.

Sounds Great, Mr. Craig! :)

Actually, Basic Channel did a re-shape of The Climax which bears scant relation to the original, and was nonetheless involving and complex. This evolution of Sandstorms is a welcome addition.

i like it. ive always been a big fan of carl craigs work.

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