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Stream Dis Fig's debut album

March 2019

Purge is released by Geng's PTP imprint

Purge is about confronting the feelings which you have been avoiding,” says New Jersey born Felicia Chen aka Dis Fig. “The feeling starts crawling up your neck, choking you, and you could try to make it stop, but maybe it’s better for you if you don’t.”

Well known for her noise DJ sets, the Berlin based producer's debut album follows a string of official mix releases, including one in collaboration with Los Angeles artist bod [包家巷]. In 2018, Chen also released a 13 minute soundtrack to the climax of An Atypical Brain Damage – the 90 minute piece by Chinese performance artist and director Tianzhuo Chen.

Purge features “varying degrees of noise, vocal migrations, and orchestral composition”. The cassette version is available to pre order now. It's released on 15 March.

This article was edited on 11-3-19. It wrongly credited PTP label head Geng as co-producer.

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