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Stream Eli Keszler Recordings

June 2011

Listen to recordings by the artist and his cohorts, made with Keszler's large scale sculptural installation/instrument.

Eli Keszler - Cold Pin installation 3

"Cold Pin" (edit) is a recording of a quintet performing with Keszler's 14 string, 40 x 15 foot mechanical sound installation, Cold Pin (pictured above). The installation consists of "three to five 25 foot long strings with motors, wire, a curved wall, micro-controllers, pick-ups and phono cables". Recorded live in the Cyclorama Dome at the Boston Center For The Arts. With Eli Keszler (drums, guitar, crotales), Ashley Paul (saxophone, bass harp), Geoff Mullen (guitar), Reuben Son (bassoon) and Greg Kelley (trumpet).

"Oxtirn Part 1" First of three compositions from Keszler's Oxtirn album (out on ESP-Disk') written for live instruments and Keszler's, Cold Pin installation. With Eli Keszler (drums, guitar, prepared riveted sheet metal and microcontroller), Ashley Paul (clarinet), Andrew Fenlon (tuba, trombone, french horn and trumpet).

"Tilt 1" Live solo percussion recording with snare drum, crotales, sticks.

"Tilt 2"
Live solo percussion recording with snare drums, crotales, bow and metal configurations.

Eli Keszler's Oxtirn album is reviewed by Philip Clark in The Wire 329 and is out on ESP-Disk'. Watch a video of Keszler's Cold Pin here.

Eli Keszler - Cold Pin installation 2

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