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June 2011

Listen to two tracks from the Yeoville, Somerset duo of Kek-w and Farmer Glitch

"Hardington Marsh/Hakka Han" is a track from Hacker Farm's recent Poundland album. "Burlington" is an as yet unreleased track, exclusive to The Wire.

According to Kek-w (who also blogs here): "Hacker Farm work with redundant hardware, circuit bent toys, archaic software and hand soldered electronics. Where possible, they try to use obsolete media such as Betamax, floppy disks and shortwave radio. Hacker Farm are all about self empowerment and the in-the-moment magic of The Noise Jam; the notion that opening yourself up to the unfamiliar – engaging with The Now through novel, self-sustaining creative activity – is itself an act of low tech insurrection. A way of short circuiting 'The Spectacle'.

Hacker Farm's debut album Poundland (and its antimatter twin, the 10 x 1.4mb floppy disk pack) is a trawl through the cultural detritus of broken, ConDem Britain, sketches of a society in slow motion economic free fall. Improvised electronic music retooled as social critique."

Poundland is reviewed by Sam Davies in The Wire 329 and is out now on Hacker Farm

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