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Stream Bana Haffar's Matiere

January 2018

Los Angeles based modular synthesist teams up with US label and module manufacturers Make Noise

Bana Haffar is a West Coast electronic musician who explores live analogue performance. Her second release hosts two extended modular compositions and is one of a series from the US synth module manufacturers Make Noise, who have previously published recordings by Richard Devine, Alesandro Cortini, Keith Fullerton Whitman and more.

“The aim of this record was to compose two complete pieces on a Eurorack system built entirely of Make Noise modules,” says Haffar. “I wanted the tracks to be played and recorded live without overdubs. I prepared for this by performing the pieces live, as two movements. Very few patch connections were changed between the tracks “Endo” and “Exo”. Both pieces use a largely identical patch, in the same key, only performed in two different ways.”

Matiere is released on 16 January 2018 by Make Noise

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