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Stream Posh Isolation's 200th release

June 2017

Label founders Loke Rahbek and Christian Stadsgaard present their own productions on Great Many Arrows to mark 8 years of their imprint

Danish duo Rahbek and Stadsgaard release music individually under several monikers, Croatian Amor, Body Sculptures and The Empire Line to name some. Where they collaborate is running the noise label Posh Isolation and making music under the guise Damien Dubrovnik. Great Many Arrows is the 200th release via Posh Isolation, which began with the pair's debut record Songs For Loviatar in 2009.

Not only a vehicle for their own productions, the label has since become synonymous with other artists such as Puce Mary and Varg and helped harness a new Scandinavian noise scene.

About the record, Rahbeck says, “Great Many Arrows is to a large extent the record I always wanted this project to make, it feels like I had the sounds playing in my head for years before we even started working on it. Some pieces we have performed, many times and in many different versions before they found the shape they are presented in here, before they were ready. They are ready now and we are happy to share them.”

Commenting on the release as a milestone, Stadsgaard adds, “We always try to push ourself into new territories, always try to rethink our way of working, and try to incorporate new approaches. I think of this record as both ending a chapter for the band as well as the start of a new one.”

Great Many Arrows is available 30 June via Posh Isolation


its a bit like xiu xiu

interesting label and lot's of interesting releases; but this group in particular seems overrated. More Caucasian upper-middle class gents doing the "boys noise" schtick (mixed in with a little distorted ambiance). I'm sure some of their solo releases have more depth / relevance; but i have yet to understand the real "draw" to these guys.

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