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Stream The Bomber Jackets' new album

July 2017

The London trio release their second full length record

Following 2013's The Lister, Kudos To The Bomber Jackets is the second album of despondent wit and synth wave from The Bomber Jackets in their current trio formation of Daniel Bolger, Sian Dorrer and Russell Walker. Both Bolger and Walker also play in The Pheromoans and Dorrer can be heard drumming in bands Plug and Ravioli Me Away.

“This album is coming out the day before Murray Henman wins Wimbledon for the first time – to the delight of the big kiwi units,” remarks vocalist Walker, giving his own idiosyncratic take on the trio’s new turn. “It would have been more realistic to release it as a podcast but Jonathan Creek has used up all of the data with his dreadful mouth so the music had to be sent to a music plant. It was all a bit last minute dot com. It is now a year since I was sacked by that woman who thought my job was too important to give to a professional and her mind has been deactivated by Lee Child’s airport books and her impossibly large trousers... she said getting to do anything was like ‘herding cats through treacle’, which we all laughed at. With time on my hands I set about getting The Bomber Jackets at it again. I could tell this time they really wanted it and wouldn’t stand for any flannel. It was difficult – it would get to about 10 o’ clock each night and I’d start to see my old school teachers’ faces in the beer foam, my estate agent’s face in the urinal’s drizzle guards and wondering how the rest of the band were getting on at their workbenches. Kudos to The Bomber Jackets.”

Kudos To The Bomber Jackets is released on 21 July by Luke Younger’s imprint Alter


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