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Stream the debut LP by Italian DIY collective Holiday Inn

April 2018

The Rome duo’s first album is jointly released by Avant! and Maple Death labels

Holiday Inn is a collaboration between Italian DIY musicians Gabriele Lepera and Emanuel Bonetti aka Gabor and Bob Junior, who are also known for their work with the bands Trans Upper Egypt, Bobsleigh Baby, Aktion and Metro Crowd. Based in East Rome, the pair write and perform synth-punk tracks inspired by the corrupt and ill-fated building developments in their suburban surroundings. Torbido, meaning murky or turbid, is their first full length release. The acid tinged noise record muses on their urban political environment and, like their live shows, aims to unite audiences while experimenting with sounds from both the Italian industrial techno scene and the hardcore circuit.

Torbido is released by Avant! and Maple Death on 13 April


Pretty cool
interesting sounds and vibe
FEEL FREE is fab

What a FFFuck!
you really RRRock!
Martin and Alan of the present!

This is fantastic, for me ths is one of the best albums of 2018.

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