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Stream the forthcoming release by The Doomed Bird Of Providence

August 2017

Preview one side of Burrowed Into The Soft Sky, the band's first instrumental record

As with The Doomed Bird Of Providence's two previous albums, Burrowed In The Soft Sky is a record resulting from reading and research into Australia's early colonial history. Mark Kluzek founded the band after moving from Australia to London and since then has played his compositions with an ever-changing line up of musicians. Though Kluzek has not veered from his subject matter, this record is a stylistic departure from Will Ever Pray (2011) and Blind Mouths Eat (2013), as it is entirely instrumental, with one twenty minute track on each side.

The band's music and titles are often inspired by Australian literature and this album takes its name from Patrick White's 1957 novel Voss. “The title track is based on a passage from Voss” says Front & Follow, the Manchester label behind the release, “The book is very loosely based on the final (and fatal) journey through the northern regions of Australia by German explorer Ludwig Leichhardt. Kluzek took a passage from the book where a comet passes over and Voss, his team and a tribe of Australian Aboriginals engage with and interpret the experience until it is 'burrowed into the soft sky'.”

Burrowed Into The Soft Sky LP/DL is released by Front & Follow on 1 September

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