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Stream the new album by Byron Westbrook

October 2017

The North American composer explores new recording methods on Body Consonance

Brooklyn based Byron Westbrook dropped his Corridors moniker in 2015 when he released his first LP Precipice. Before then, Westbrook more often worked in the field of sound installations and multimedia performances. His new album Body Consonance is a further departure from his earlier modes of music making.

“Most of my past releases have been stereo translations of material composed in multi-channel format, where I’ve attempted to fabricate the experience of being in an installation space,” he explains. “In building the pieces heard on this LP, I made a point to emphasise the gestural over the spatial, to explore what I might do with sounds that project into the listener’s space as opposed to acting as a window to another place. Using a stereo 1/4" reel to reel as my primary mode of recording, I developed a number of synthesis techniques influenced by field recording projects and ASMR, to create binaural/bicameral relationships between two speakers. I also became interested in rhythmic elements as another type of approach to gestural projection of sound. The title of the album relates to the physical implications of sounds used here, but hopefully remains ambiguous enough that the listener’s imagination can define the forms perceived.”

Body Consonance is released by Hands In The Dark on 13 October 2017



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