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Stream the new album by Sholto Dobie & Mark Harwood

April 2019

The duo experiment with various approaches to collaboration on The Blue Horse

The London based artists Sholto Dobie and Mark Harwood came together in order to make an “acoustic focussed album in an electronically saturated age”. Edinburgh born Dobie explains he was encouraged to work with Australian musician and Penultimate Press founder Harwood after seeing him perform at the now closed Silver Road arts venue in Lewisham, southeast London. “It was really chaotic,” says Dobie. “[Mark] was manically running around, orchestrating people to laugh in one room, running up ladders, handing out bike lights and smacking the walls. There was a kind of subversive and funny magic at play, and I felt a little transformed after.”

The Blue Horse, named after a moon-illuminated horse Dobie spotted while walking in Cabrach, Aberdeenshire, consists of seven pieces. Each began as a 'miniature' or 'proposition', “an idea that became less important as the record started to take on its own life and story,” explains Dobie. “The source material is really diverse, some of it was made as a real-time collaboration for the record in Mark’s lounge room whilst some of it is from live recordings of mine which Mark then added to and restructured. There is also one solo track each. As such it consists of a variety of approaches to ‘collaboration’.”

The Blue Horse is released by Penultimate Press on 6 May.

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