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Stream the new album by Valentina Magaletti & Julian Sartorius

August 2019

The two prolific percussionists collaborate on Sulla Pelle

London based Italian Valentina Magaletti and Switzerland’s Julian Sartorius recorded their new album Sulla Pelle in the studio of Malcolm Cotto, co-founder of experimental jazz outfit The Heliocentrics. Inspired by the sound of The Heliocentrics and in order to make use of the producer's 1970s BBC mixing desk, Magaletti had invited Sartorius to work and record with Cotto in London. Magaletti is also a member of Tomaga, Vanishing Twin and UUUU.

On the recordings the duo alternated between a single drum kit and a percussionist’s set–up largely made up the various personal objects Sartorius had brought with him. “My aesthetic now is always patchwork and collage, I’m obsessed with that,” Magaletti told Clive Bell in The Wire 427. “Everyone tends to use the same things, but we want that other dimension. I’ve been playing drums for 20 years now, and this is what I’m aiming for.”

Sulla Pelle is released by Marionette on 30 August. Read the full interview with the duo in The Wire 427. Subscribers can read the whole magazine via the digital archive.

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