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Listen to the new EP by Mun Sing

September 2017

Harry Wright, one half of Giant Swan, presents his first solo release

Harry Wright performs with Robin Stewart as Giant Swan, the Bristol based duo known for their intense live and improvised sets of distorted techno as well as releases with independent labels Howling Owl and Fuck Punk.

This is the first time Wright has appeared as Mun Sing and Witness is his debut solo electronic release; a 5 track digital EP including a remix by Chilean producer Tomás Urquieta.

“It’s designed to be quite an intense record, about finding clarity within madness,” says Wright “I’m really interested in cross rhythms, and dialogues between instrument parts. I kind of approached the songs as though each drum had their own voice. It’s about building up a conversation and sometimes a conflict between the parts. I’m also looking at the rise of exclusivity within club culture, whether it’s the rising status of the DJ or the conventions used to elevate artists from their audience. I wanna get rid of this disconnect and look at ways to make club culture more accessible. I didn’t wanna use any fancy drum machines or synths and I’m not scrolling through hours of field recordings and samples, especially for my first release. I wanted the process and the statement to be clear and concise. I like the idea of using really basic common materials (like GarageBand 09). There was no special bit of kit that’s elevating me or separating me from anyone else being able to do the same thing.”

Witness is released by Infinite Machine 29 September 2017.

Giant Swan were interviewed by Daisy Hyde in The Wire 399. Subscribers can read the full article via the online archive.

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