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August 2017

Yorkshire born producer will release Whispers via Matthew Herbert's Accidental label

Leeds based Kirk Barley has produced six EPs to date. Though his past releases as Bambooman are steered towards a dance audience, Barley says his first album Whispers incorporates other styles he's been wanting to experiment with for a while. Describing the track “Manatee”, he says, “In a way it's a head-nod to the very inspirational composer, Jon Hassell. I think the 'Fourth World' aesthetic he coined resonates well with a good portion of the Whispers album.”

“To me Whispers gives a pretty full flavour of the various styles I've worked with in my previous EPs, collaborations and alter egos,” continues Barley, “to perhaps sum up what the Bambooman project is, and has been to date. I think it's more honest than any collection of tracks I have put out before, but at the same time pays homage to some of the key musical styles that have inspired me since first making music.”

Whispers is released via Accidental 25 August 2017


Hoping that this album will be on Spotify.

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