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Stream tracks from Ltd Ascetic House 4GB USB Flash Drive

June 2017

Ascetic House share music from a new USB package featuring eight separate works

Since launching in 2010, the experimental arts collective based in Phoenix, Arizona have become a prolific DIY production house, publishing music, films, prose and poetry from political, spiritual and counterculture groups. Founder JS Aurelius says, “Its goal since day one has been to uplift and stimulate its local outsider artist community and has since expanded to work towards those ends on an internationalist scale.” Ascetic House also focuses on performance works as well as direct political action, such as the Tapes To Prisoners program and an anti-copyright ethos.

These tracks come from the latest work published by the house, an engraved glass USB drive, storing eight separate EPs and LPs by a host of different members, all of whom contribute towards multiple aspects of the collective, most having being involved from its inception.

You can read Louis Pattison's review of Ltd Ascetic House 4GB USB Flash Drive in The Wire 401. Subscribers can access the review via the online archive.

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