The Wire


The Wire Covers Mix

February 2006

What does The Wire actually sound like?

Here's one answer to that question. Designers Paul Wilson and James Smith took pdf files of the covers from all 12 issues of The Wire produced in 2005, converted them to sound files and produced this 12 minute mix, archived here as a downloadable mp3. The duo describe the process of producing the mix thus:

one: The Wire covers as digital images

two: replayed as abstract sound-texts

three: conceptual strategies applied to graphic artefacts

four: a series of sonic typographies

five: midi pattern to reprocessed text

six: letterforms you can listen to

seven: words as process / process as words

eight: sound appropriated from electronic information (raw or pure data)

nine: revealing hidden or unknown blocks of noise, bleep, pulse, squeal, etc

ten: improv as writing

eleven: improv as design

twelve: edits / months / minutes

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