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Preview They Hate Change's latest mixtape

October 2017

The Florida duo release a new cassette via Deathbomb Arc and share a home video

Andre Gainey and John Harrison formed They Hate Change in 2011 in Tampa, Florida. The experimental production and performance duo are signed to Deathbomb Arc, the Los Angeles based label which also releases the work of acts such as JPEGMAFIA, Signor Benedick The Moor and True Neutral Crew. Alongside the release of their latest mixtape Meters, the pair have uploaded a home video filmed by collaborator Bryam Castellanos, who follows them on their first trip to perform in LA.

Harrison aka Vonne explains that Meters was made taking into account the sometimes makeshift venues they are booked to perform in. “The record was all done at our place in Florida”, says Harrison. “The sound is really inspired by the shows we play out here in Tampa Bay, where there’s no real electronic scene or even a huge indie rap scene. All the spaces that artists like us get to play in are small and hot as fuck, so it’s fun for us to have wild amounts of bass shaking everything, or piercing high frequency stuff coming in randomly. When you have all that sound in a small back room in a bar or an art space, where the sound can’t really travel anywhere, it can get real crazy. A heavy kick drum is so much different when you have to stand right next to the speaker and you can’t move backward; it feels like you’re getting kicked in the chest. We definitely made sure to play with that in mind when making tracks for Meters.”

Meters is released 27 October 2017 and can be pre-ordered now.


I must say I have been to a few of their shows, and they are pretty entertaining the way they make their sound I love it

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