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Tomoko Sauvage's Water Bowls

April 2009

Hear extracts from Tomoko's debut album, as featured in Momus's Epiphany

Hear two extracts of music by Tomoko Sauvage, whose forthcoming album Ombrophilia is a current favourite of Momus and featured in his recent Epiphany piece in the magazine.

Sauvage, a Paris-based Japanese musician, uses water-filled porcelain bowls for her electro-acoustic performances and compositions. The use of hydrophones (underwater microphones) allows her to capture the subtle sound of water waves and drops resonating in porcelain bowls. The serene, contemplative aquatic soundscape is woven from these fragile materials. Her first solo album, Ombrophilia will be released on and/OAR (USA) in 2009. Collaborators include Gilles Aubry, Momus and Emmanuel Rebus.

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