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Trevor Watts Music

Listen to a selection of tracks featuring Trevor Watts

Listen to a selection of tracks featuring Trevor Watts personally chosen by the musician himself

Uhuru Song: "A tune written by myself and features Gibran Cervantes from Mexico on the Urukungolo, which he also bows on this occasion. It's part of an unissued CD we recorded in Mexico, as well as being the composer I am also on soprano sax."

Barlovento: "A collaboration between Teatro Negro de Barlovento (Venezuela) & Trevor Watts' Moire Music Drum Orchestra live at the Crawley Jazz Festival around 1992. This was on the BBC at the time. The alto solo is myself and this is unissued as far as any CD goes."

Highlands & Islands: "2008 unreleased solo material"

Lonely Nights: "2008 unreleased solo material"

Solarsonic: "From my solo sax CD on Hi4HeadRecs HFHCD 004 called World Sonic"

Deep Blue: "I have been experimenting with an 11 beat cycle. And the beat cycle came first. I work in quite a subliminal way, and it sounds as though my trips to Latin America have influenced the piece as well as some North African/Spanish."

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