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Listen to two tracks from a United Waters album in the making

June 2017

The Brooklyn based trio announce the swift follow-up to their latest release The Narrows

United Waters began as former Mouthus guitarist Brian Sullivan's solo project in 2011, when he recorded his debut album Your First Ever River. Subsequently Sullivan was joined by Patrick Cole and Chris Shields and the band have recorded and toured together ever since. Following the 2 June release of their latest LP The Narrows by Drawing Room Records, United Waters announce the next, Coma To Coma, is already in the pipeline.

“The next batch of songs kind of began to take shape at the tale end of writing and recording what would become The Narrows,” explains Sullivan. “There wasn't a distinct break, more of a mutation of what we had been doing into something with even more weird rhythms and pared down percussion.”

Describing this evolution, he continues, “Patrick's guitar began to move more toward these melodic leads that were pretty warped and poppy, but even more kind of 'happy' sounding. Chris had been listening to a lot of reggae and calypso and his kind of naive version of those grooves would be the basis for the rhythms. We all were interested in Japanese jazz fusion of the 1980s like Naoya Matsuoka, whose album covers with their unapologetically tropical and stylised seascapes were an inspiration as well and kind of convey the sound we were exploring. So there’s those influences and then it’s jammed and jammed and jammed into an unrecognisable oblivion and put back together again.”

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