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Members of Off World share some music from the vaults

November 2017

Five unreleased tracks from a range of producers associated with the ongoing collaborative project

Off World first began making music in 2008, with a meeting of minds between musician Sandro Perri and fellow Canadian Lorenz Peter. Since then, studio experimentation as Off World has been ongoing but intermittent with few live performances and no releases, until recently the Montreal based label Constellation initiated the group's discography with Off World 1 in 2016. The imprint will continue to release albums of past and present recordings by the collective, which includes works by collaborators Drew Brown, Susumu Mukai, M J Silver, Craig Dunsmir, Eric Chenaux, and Jesse Zubot.

“Off World 7” and “Off World 8” are working versions from the original OW1 sessions featuring Drew Brown, Susumu Mukai, Sandro Perri and MJ Silver. “Nohassle” is a solo piece by Craig Dunsmuir aka Kanada 70. “Lava Tube” is by Stalactite, a new duo project between Drew Brown and Susumu Mukai. “Birthday Blues” is a solo piece by Lorenz Peter aka LP Lorenz.

Off World are featured in The Wire issue 406. Subscribers can access the full article via the online archive.

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