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Wire Mix: Chloe Frieda

January 2018

Founder of record label and fortnightly radio programme Alien Jams has recorded a mix exclusively for The Wire

London based Chloe Frieda founded the experimental electronics label Alien Jams in 2014. Since then she's released albums by oMMM and Nochexxx and 12" singles by the likes of Karen Gwyer, Beatrice Dillon, Wilted Woman and more. Frieda also DJs and hosts a regular radio show on NTS. Like her broadcasted selections, this mix is full of “unravelling textures, shadowy dreamlands and soothing frequencies for your listening pleasure”. Tracklist below.

Sim Hutchins “Some Men (Me) Just Want To Watch The World Burn”
Cong Burn Tapes 01 “Side A”
Oxhy “Left The Village And Crossed The Stream Knowing That They Can't Return”
Cosi “Lev”
Aaron Dilloway “Ghost”
Teleplasmiste “5 Fall Of The Yak Man”
Cindytalk “Transgender Warrior”
Umbra “Pedal”
Chiltern “A”
Ghedalia Tazartes “II”
Sote “Plebian”
Chra “Coisioc”
oMMM “Pyramids”
Silvia Kastel “Bruell”
Der Plan “San Jose Car Muzak”

Following her 2017 release on Alien Jams, Wilted Woman was interviewed by Chal Ravens in The Wire issue 407. Subscribers can access the full article via the online archive.

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