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Wire Mix: Best Available Technology

July 2017

Listen to an exclusive mix by the Portland based producer

Kevin Palmer, also known as Best Available Technology or BAT, has previously released his ambient, distorted, New York City hiphop inspired productions via labels such as Opal Tapes, Further and Astro:Dynamics. More recently he has teamed up with NYC imprint Styles Upon Styles to release his first album available on vinyl, Exposure Therapy, reviewed by Neil Kulkarni in issue 401 of The Wire.

About the record, Kulkarni says, “Those expecting boom-bap beats and retrograde wish fulfilment will be startled by what the album actually presents – eight tracks, all seemingly utterly unconcerned with danceability or headnodding, each one a gaseous frightmare/flashback to 1990s hiphop production rather than a mere facsimile. If there is boom-bap here, it’s filtered through stern electronics, dubbed out peripheries, dried to the point of scattered desiccation – less East Coast or West Coast, more Antarctic.”

As a footnote to this mix, Palmer wrote, “My goal was to record something reverent, agitated and free, something that didn't neuter the original sonics/voices while at the same time allowing me to manipulate them and let them live alongside my own sounds in my music machines for a short improvised one track one take session.”

Subscribers can read the whole of Neil Kulkarni's full review via The Wire's online archive.



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