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Wire Mix: Container

June 2018

Ren Schofield shares a new mix to celebrate fourth album as Container

Container is the project of London based Ren Schofield. Previously based in Rhode Island and with a background in noise, Schofield is known for his DIY techno productions and live sets, created with a set-up featuring Roland MC-909, four-track and effect pedals. After releasing the works of Wilted Woman and Foodman through his own cassette label Plastic Bags, the fourth Container will be released via longterm affiliate Spectrum Spools on 29 June.

“La Forte Cinq”

“Funky Frog”

Loose-y Crunche
“Chatty Reptile”
(Altered States)

Errorsmith & Mark Fell
“Atomic #80”

“Jim Day Upholsterer”
(Plastic Bags)

Buffalo MRI
“Secondary Parts Reserve”
(No label)

Physical Therapy
“Hit The Breaks”
(Liberation Technologies)

Orgonon Pit
(No label)

Wilted Woman
“Accepting Motten”
(Plastic Bags)

Jennifer Viellerobe
“Luftlocher 5”
(Senufo Editions)


Beach Boys
“Girl Don’t Tell Me”

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