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Wire Mix: Ewa Justka

June 2018

A new mix exploring deranged and obnoxious forms of hardcore music and its influences

To coincide with joining the SHAPE 2018 roster, Polish DIY electronics artist Ewa Justka has recorded a new mix, journeying through several different forms of electronic hardcore music. The mix features tracks from the likes of Finnish acid techno producer Mono Junk, Welsh breakbeat duo Somatic Responses, two unreleased tracks by Justka, and even something from the German hard trance group Scooter.


Marshall Masters featuring Da TMX “Don’t Touch That Stereo”
Joyrider “Army Of Darkness”
Rave Creator “Thru Eternal Fog”
Crash Bass “Hardshake (Original Mix)”
E-man “Entering The Unknown”
[KRTM] “Baldboy”
Mike Dearborn “Birds On E”
Somatic Responses “Axon”
Marcus Schmickler “New Methodical Limits Of Ascension”
Brixton “1st Dat Track 2”
Acid Junkies “1-8-1”
New Balance “Up & Down”
Reign “Start Level ’89”
DJ Alex “In Control”
EVOL “Wormhole Shubz”
Ewa Justka “Obese Children”
Jones & Stephenson “The First Rebirth (Original Mix)”
Trax-X “Wave 303”
Planet Future “Suburban Survival System”
Thomas P Heckmann “Trash Girl”
Push “Acid Hysteria”
Mono Junk “Enter”
Florian Hecker “bsf?tyk 5”
Ewa Justka “Name-dropping In Style Of Florian Hecker”
DRAX “Amphetamine (Original Remaster)”
DJ Hazel “Weź Pigułkę”
Scooter “One (Always Hardcore)”

Ewa Justka will perform at Skaņu Mežs' White Night event on 8 September

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