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Wire Mix: Ipek Gorgun

November 2018

The Istanbul based sound artist has recorded a collage mix for The Wire

Turkish producer and sonic arts researcher Ipek Gorgun released her second solo album Ecce Homo via Touch in September 2018. This new playlist features tracks by some of the artists who’ve influenced Gorgun, along with interspersed audio excerpts from films and public ads. “I was quite interested in the idea of creating a dialogue between the tracks,” she says over email, “and to build a space where each track was blending into the surrounding tracks, becoming a different entity without compromising its defining qualities. To my ears everything can become music and I enjoy reflecting that perspective in my mixes.”


Einstürzende Neubauten “Paradiesseits”
David Behrman “On The Other Ocean”
Dennis Smalley “Wind Chimes”
Stars Of The Lid “Articulate Silences Part 2”
Holger Czukay & David Sylvian “Mutability (A New Beginning Is In The Offing)”
:zoviet*france: “Dybbuk”
Rabih-Abu Halil “Window”
Prurient “Ribcage”
Necrodome Inc “Strange In Stereo”
Tom Waits “Swordfishtrombone”
Kohachiro Miyata “Sanya”
Fabijan Sovagovic “Opomena”
Excerpt from Malá Mořská Víla (director: Karel Kachyna)
Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori “Savage Flower”
Ekin Fil “Minus”
Mira Calix “Protean”
Siavash Amini “The Beclouding”
Dedekind Cut “Déjà Vu, In Reverse”
Fennesz “Circassian”
Bliss Signal “Ambi Drift”
Grace Jones “Private Life (Dub)”
David Tagg “Orchids 1”
Excerpt from Down By Law (director: Jim Jarmusch)
Arovane & Porya Hatami “Phylum”
Yves Tumor “When Man Fails You”
Shit And Shine “Upside Down Cheeseburger”
Loretta Aberdeen “Are You Gluten Free Guy”
AGF “Elena Guro 1877–1913”
Zoe McPherson “Hardingfele”
Aisha Devi “Genesis Of Ohm”
Meuko! Meuko! “High Dryer”
Masayoshi Fujita “Knight And Spirit of Lake”
Pan Sonic “Rutina”
Sonic Youth “Having Never Written A Note For Percussion”
Ruby Throat “John 3:16”
Kerridge “NCV”
Christian Vogel “Applets”
Act! “U Don't Know The City”
Stara Rzeka “Zamknęły Się Oczy Ziemi”
Sult + Lasse Marhaug “Harpoon (First)”
Barbara Goldsmith “Astrology Predictions 2019–2020 With Barbara Goldsmith”
Rowland S Howard “Silver Chain”
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore “Irrwege”

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