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Wire Mix: Objects Limited

August 2018

Label head Lara-Rix Martin presents a mix featuring tracks by new signings Edge Slayer and Anz

Brighton label Objects Limited has launched its next release by New Orleans based producer Edge Slayer with a special mix featuring tracks from Edge Slayer’s forthcoming EP. Founded by electronic musician Lara-Rix Martin, Obects Limited focuses on experimental music by female-identifying and non-binary artists. It has previously collaborated with Jana Rush, Ziúr, Vivienne, and others.

“Multimedia digital artist and music producer Edge Slayer works with an LGBTQ+ team to put on events in New Orleans, helping to create spaces where trans women – specifically black trans women – have a space to be themselves,” comments Martin via email. “This can be seen at Séancé, a party specifically centred around black women and at an alternative pride party called Barbie’s Inferno, an all-pink party/installation that she says looked like a funhouse mirror, ‘Malibu Dreamhouse airlifted to the fiery shores of hell’, as quoted in her interview with Jezebel.

“Edge Slayer’s self-titled EP combines ambient and harsh noise with club, vogue and New Orleans bounce,” continues Martin. “She creates eerie, haunting harmonies over distant skeletal beats with soulful heartache and spiritually jolting vibrato. The opening track "Roll Me One" is a well of emotion, an outcry for help that is met with unwanted pity, while “Ratchet Weave I Believe” is an echoing siren at the club in the negaverse... “No Safe Space” is a dystopian use of space and reflection to echo that supposed safe spaces are not actual safe spaces. There is a subtle feeling of fear that comes on with its descent into darkness.”


Bonaventure “­Diaspora” (PTP)
Dis Fig ­AirMax ’97 x Oklou ­“Like Rainbow Horse Running Through Misty Brain” (Co­op)
Lotic ­“Resilience” (Triangle)
Rui Ho ­“Supernova (x/o Hypermix)” (Objects Limited)
Deforrest Brown Jr ­“Black Icarus, Or Uncle Tom” (No label)
Hyph11e ­ “叶子” (Genome 6.66)
Chaines “Airship” (Slip)
N­Prolenta ­“Oceania” (No label)
Edge Slayer ­“Ratchet Weave I Believe” (Objects Limited)
Moor Mother ­“Valley Of Dry Bones” (Don Giovanni)
Jana Rush ­“Homicidal Ideation” (Objects Limited)
Edge Slayer ­“More Femme” (Objects Limited)
Meemo Comma ­“Wind Dross” (Objects Limited)
Moor Mother ­“Deadbeat Protest” (Don Giovanni)
Meemo Comma ­“Sleepmoss” (Objects Limited)
Edge Slayer ­“Roll Me One” (Objects Limited)
Anz ­“La Flare” (Objects Limited)

Edge Slayer will be released as a download by Objects Limited on 21 September

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