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Wire Mix: Peter Rehberg

January 2018

Head of Vienna based experimental label Editions Mego Peter Rehberg shares a new mix following his latest release in collaboration with Nik Colk Void

NPVR is the adopted name of a new partnership between producer and Editions Mego founder Peter Rehberg and Nik Colk Void, one third of the post industrial electronic noise band Factory Floor. 33 33 is the pair's first release together. The five tracks, mastered by Russell Haswell, journey though ambient sounds, distorted noise and techno rhythms and aim to deliver something “on the border of music and sound, the social and the private”.

For this freshly collated playlist for The Wire, Rehberg selects a mix of old and new tracks released by labels such as 4AD, Factory, Neubau, On-U Sound, Touch and more. Tracklist below:

Z'EV “Radio Station KPFK”
DAF “Verschwende Deine Jugend”
Jérôme Noetinger “Ivresse Magnétique 1”
Kassel Jaeger “Un Autre Archipel”
UUUU “The Princess Anne Love Cassette”
The Fall “Tempo House (Live At Speed Trials, NYC)“
New Order “Hurt”
MRH “Envy (Dieter Flegel Remix)”
Colourbox “The Offical Colourbox World Cup Theme”
Creation Rebel “Starship Africa”
chra “phorusrhacidae”
Material Object “Synthesis”
Cosey Fanni Tutti “Ritual Awakening”

33 33 is released by Editions Mego


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