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Wire Mix: Sadaf

October 2017

A new mix from Iranian multi-disciplinary artist, Sadaf

Coming from a background in performance and visual art, in recent years Iranian born New York based Sadaf Nava has moved into recording and DJing. After signing to Los Angeles label Outside Insight in 2017, Nava released Shell, a nine track EP of disjointed beats and free violin playing, which follows the narrative of a "young cineaste’s failed script and discombobulated thought process".

Nava describes this mix as “A pastiche of international sounds and cinematic interruptions for the club, car or home. A curation of intuitive and clashing material with a healthy dose of confusion, dissonance; as well as nostalgic, romantic, rhythmic and universal reiterations from contemporary Middle East, South America, Africa, Europe and more.”

Shell was reviewed by Nina Power in The Wire issue 404. Wire subscribers can access the full page article via the online archive.


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