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Wire Mix: Sonae

August 2018

Cologne based producer Sonae presents a layered mix of edits and deconstruction featuring Pan Daijing, Gudrun Gut, Thembi Soddell and more

Sonae is the adopted name of German artist Sonia Güttler. As well as working as part of Electric Indigo's female:pressure collective, she has released her computer music through Gudrun Gut's Monika Enterprise imprint, with her latest LP I Started Wearing Black appearing in April 2018. Sonae refers to the mix as a “collage”, deconstructing and layering her chosen tracks.

“What recently has been interesting me is a precisely bundled and very focussed expression of tension and energy: when a track has the ability to manifest a strong will, a concrete thought, an intention; when I can hear a loud and clear yes or no, a statement, when I feel attitude. I guess I got a bit bored of randomness, self-referentiality and euphony in electronic music – I want to see artists and genres reflecting themselves, questioning themselves. I appreciate sharp artistic ideas, though I am not sure if I have any to offer myself.

“I am trying to come as close as possible to this focus and energy,” she continues, “struggling with borders of audibility and my own traditional vocabulary (I grew up with Tchaikowsky and a piano teaching grandmother). Though I feel it is not radical enough yet I also have to admit that playing a consequent brutalistic selection didn't work either – or am I not brave enough yet?”


Thembi Soddell “Erasure”
Lucrecia Dalt “Concentric Nothings”
Electric Indigo “The Landing”
Pan Daijing “A Season In Hell”
Nokuit “Patterns of Instability II”
Phasenmensch “Thesis (Sonae Remix)”
Eprom “Raw Data”
Gudrun Gut “Repetition (Anna Leopolder Remix)”
Sylvia Hinz “Spiral”
Monika Pich “Movement Heart – Drumloop”
Katsunori Sawa “Evocation”
Blint “92 Avenue”
Anna Bogner “Darkness Coming Slowly”
Nokuit “Patterns of Instability I”
Unknown Artist “Untitled”

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