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Wire Playlist: Caterina Barbieri

June 2019

The Italian electronic composer selects tracks using pattern and repetition in ways that have altered her perception

“I’m trying to explore a consciousness alteration that I would place in a positive spectrum,”, declares Milan based modular synth composer Caterina Barbieri, in The Wire 424. She's speaking about her new album Ecstatic Computation, which was released by Editions Mego in May 2019. The declaration could also be applied to this exclusive Wire playlist, the selection of which is driven “only by psychophysical effects of sound”.

Barbieri will curate The Tender Interval at Funkhaus, Berlin on 16 June, where she will perform her audio-visual project Time-blind. She will also perform live at Rewire x Korzo in The Hague on 14 June Italy's Terraforma Festival (5–7 July)

Full tracklist

Robert de Visée “Pièces En Sol Majeur (Prèlude)”
Jozef Van Wissem “Concerning The Beautiful Human Form After Death”
Corrupted “Gekkou No Daichi”
Eleh “In The Ear Of The Gods”
Laurie Spiegel “Appalachian Grove III”
Mika Vainio “Stratostaatti”
Jessica Ekomane “Common Fate”
Theo Burt “Speaker Mix 3”
Oneohtrix Point Never “Betrayed In The Octagon”
Le Révélateur “Stream Terminal”
Craig Leon “Four Eyes To See The Afterlife”
Punctum “Uncharted”
David Borden “Continuing Story Of Counterpoint, Part 9”
Steve Reich “Electric Counterpoint I”
Lorenzo Senni “XMONSTERX”
Ellen Arkbro “Mountain Of Air”
Duane Pitre “Section II”
Valerio Maiolo “Entangled”
Aleksi Perälä “07 GBBVT1337182”
Jung An Tagen “Wreath Products (F#, G#)”
Carlo Maria “Mirage”
Alessandro Cortini “Scappa”
William Basinksi “Untitled 2”
Second Woman “100407jd7”
Jordan de la Sierra “Sphere Of Sublime Dances”
Morton Feldman “Three Voices”
Alexander Zhikharev “Parting Words”
Kali Malone “Glory Canon III”
Born Of Six “Svapiti”
La Monte Young “The Well-Tuned Piano”

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