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Wire Playlist: Chocolate Monk

July 2018

Dylan Nyoukis of Chocolate Monk selects an unlucky 13 tracks for an exclusive music stream celebrating 25 years of his chaotic experimental imprint

Praise the lard, 25 years in this ‘game’? How time stumbles. I toyed with the idea of picking a track from each year of the label’s existence, dropping in tracks from little knowns like The Side Mounted Scum Suckers, Cunt Eats Cock, Sand Rattle Kins. And there was a part of me that would have loved to select tracks from The Puke Eaters, The Polly Shang Kuan Band, Harry Pussy, Nissin Retort Pouch, Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers etc, but it was more than my feeble mind could handle. Besides if you have been unfortunate enough to be within ear shot of me in a state of crunk and/or joy in the last couple of years then you have probably heard me bumping my gums about how the last few years have been by far my favourite time for releasing music on the label, so much great stuff. I could have easily selected 30+ tracks for this playlist but thought I would pinch it at unlucky 13.

Plastic Hooligans
“Hospital Visits”

From Untitled
Mysterious Brummie Sean Conway (ex Gas Shepherds & Ufo Antler Band) laid a second untitled disc on us continuing in the hiss and warble vein. Like some kind of mythical hash peasant, he cooks up weird sounds that are both musical and abstract, all recorded straight to his dying three track tape recorder.

RLW & Dylan Nyoukis
“Right Shoe”
From Gukuruguh
My vocal gurps put through the wringer by Ralf Wehowsky. The alchemical sound transformer processes, cuts up, sprinkles liberally with electronics and other sounds, and adds healthy dollops of noise and silence.

Bill Orcutt
from Daddy's Got A Spice Rack
Our favourite living guitar mangler has dipped his toe into the Chocolate Monk puddle a few times over the years. Here he delivers some of the fine stringmanship you would expect but also sneaks in a few vocal pieces that make us want to jig.

Richard Youngs
“And The Next Field Shall Know”
From Fibre Optic Ballads
Honorary Glaswegian and tote bag addict serves up some headscratch. "For Shortwave Radio And Voice To Converter +++Plus+++ Text To Speech Converter".

Robert Ridley Shackleton
From Snack-A-Delica
The cardboard Prince loves YOU. Snack-A-Delica is the third instalment in his Chocolate Monk trilogy (following on from Tupperwave and The Opera. Keep it card, kids).

Wizards Of Oi
“Wot It Is Not”
From Wot It Is Not
Spontaneous experimental abandon by Aaron Moore and Brandstifter utilising whatever instruments and non-instruments are at hand.

Natalia Beylis
“Kukalka Kukalka”
From Scchh...phh
A wonderfully weird sound collage that’s more intoxicating than a handful of seed vomit. Stitched together from tapes Miss Beylis has been collecting and recording for years. Keep your face and feet open. Stay Alert.

Blood Lewiis
“The Snuffling Of The Bland Franchise”
From Toadstool Millionaires
A collaboration between myself and Karen Constance (Blood Stereo) and our transatlantic spirit animals Bren't Lewiis Ensemble. The unholy union follows 2016’s Pentecostal Gymnast Trapped In Lime Jello with further stabs at hobbling the mind.

Cody Brant
“I Pray To God So Bad”
From Don't Bump Your Head
Chocolate Monk’s favourite gutter level archivist splices and dices field recordings sourced from the streets of Philadelphia. Discordant happenings regurgitated into hypno-vignettes. Surprising musical textures and patterns emerge.

“Unboiling An Egg”
From Scintilla
Was a great honour to have Mr Tim Alexander of LAFMS/Points Of Friction notoriety give us a release (Point Of Friction’s 1984 Sackcloth & Ashes masterpiece gets a lot of play here at Wino Lodge). Tim delivers just the kind of life affirming sound wonk you might expect. Burbling and oozing broadcasts from the mind flap of a madman/maestro.

“Glen Orbit”
From Psanck
Local Brighton lunks Kev Nickells, Chris Parfitt and Al Strachan get goosed up with a braw combination of scritchy violin, growling cornet, pingy toys, electronics and sop sax. It throbs like a less processed Biota with that soft creeping Af Ursin vibe.

Amanda R Howland
“Skull Crashed In The Woods”
From Mona Cost Returns To Canton
Continuing the fine family tradition of euphoric ear shred, Miss Howland gives Brother Skin Graft a run for his bitcoins with a heavy dose of hot gruel, guaranteed to singe the inner lughole hairs. The listener is encouraged to find his or her own inner Monument Park and get woke.

Mike Dilloway
From Hay Bale Paws
Aaron Dilloway & Mike Collino give thanks to the Creeping Presence with a series of warped and mangled mini mantras thick on the crude tape vibe with heavy doses of clank, scrape and electronic whirr for added levitation. Be brave, coward!

Words by Dylan Nyoukis

London’s Cafe Oto plays host to a Chocolate Monk two-day residency on 28–29 July


Great stuff!!! Long live Chocolate Monk!

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