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A listener's guide to Drew Mulholland

July 2018

Stream a selection of pieces by the Scottish producer as an introduction to his recently digitised back catalogue. Compiled by Spenser Tomson

Drew Mulholland – formerly known as Mount Vernon Arts Lab – recently released his new album Messer’s Circulating Library via Bandcamp. This was preceded by the upload of numerous previously unheard or difficult to find pieces. Mulholland’s music hazes the contours between psychogeography and hauntology, exploring his reaction to memory and place, both physically through field recording and figuratively, through his often abrasive manipulation of the sounds. Accordingly, his work can be as witty and expressive as it is caustic, but each one reveals something different and quite personal about the artist.

Spenser Tomson reviewed Messer's Circulating Library in The Wire 414. Subscribers can access the full article via the online archive.

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