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Wire Playlist: Senyawa

May 2018

Rully Shabara of the experimental Javanese duo handpicks a selection of contemporary underground Indonesian music

Yogyakarta, Java based DIY folk noise group Senyawa recently released their latest album with the Belgian imprint Okraïna. The double 10" short film soundtrack Calling The New Gods follows eight years of collaboration between members Rully Shabara and Wukir Suryadi, who have slowly gained a transnational following since performing at independent festivals across the globe and releasing their recordings via labels such as Contra-Disc and Morphine. To coincide with the band's full length feature in The Wire 412, we asked vocalist Rully Shabara to share his knowledge of current happenings in the musical underground of Indonesia. This playlist is a cross-section of the fresh experimental scene in which Senyawa are prominently placed.

“Underground music in Indonesia generally started with the punk, hardcore, and metal scene” says Shabara. ”The new underground, however, has a much more exciting and wider variety of range. This compilation is a glimpse of how diverse the underground scene right now in Indonesia. From Javanese ancient values inspired project of Wukir Suryadi's Potro Joyo to Ayam Kaili, a noise project that is inspired by farming tradition in Sulawesi. From Surabaya's TerbujurKaku, that hacks a playstation controller device to Handoyo Purwowijoyo, that hacks the most basic pirated Fruity Loops software. From Limbah Berbunyi, an ethno–experimental ensemble of homemade trash instruments to Uwalmassa, that takes tradition and fused it into techno-vibe composition. From idiosyncratic playful approach to folk music by Sabarbar to raw improvised piece by Semarang based HMMM. And from rhyme-based provocation by Bandung's hiphop unit Bars Of Death to muscle-based provocation by my latest percussion project Setabuhan.”

Wire subscribers can read David Novak's full interview with Senyawa via the online archive

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