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Gallery: a selection from Faust member Geraldine Swayne's retrospective

March 2017

Baby Lydia In Rose, 2010

Buttastic, 2015

Dalston Opening, 2016

Dirty Danish Dolls (Page 1), 2016

Elaborate Hair, Orange Background, 2013

Great Big Slag, 2011

Green Suit, Orange Suit, 2016


Red Shirt, Red Background, 2016

The Black Shape On The Right Is Your Future Demise, 2015

Turret Gunner, 2017

This month artist and musician Geraldine Swayne will hold an exhibition in London featuring portraits of a young Lydia Lunch and more

A retrospective of paintings by Geraldine Swayne will be held at the Fine Art Society in London from 28 March. A musicians as well as an artist, Swayne is also a member of Faust and some of the artworks exhibited have been made live on stage during performances with the group. Works on display were selected by Geraldine and Sara Terzi who runs the contemporary exhibitions programme at the gallery.

“A theme fairly quickly emerged, stylistically, in the use of silver,” explains Geraldine over email. “This is not initially a surprise since the majority of my work in recent years has been painted on aluminium, but silver also showed up as a device in several of the other paintings too. I love using it. It’s lustrous and impenetrable and armoured.

“Silver-ing is also the name of a difficult and arcane form of mirror-making, which is very close to photography, nearly trapping phantom reflections onto a surface, which is an idea I love. It’s also silvering, as is silvering hair! It was funny how ephemeral themes in my work got described by the material so well.

“One of my favourite paintings in this selection is The Black Shape On The Right Is Your Future Demise. It was made from a stash of photos found by police in a New York lockup, which had been taken by the serial killer Rodney Alcala. It shows a vulnerable human being, as seen through the eyes of a man who lived in a very strange and dangerous universe of his own making: I find the trust on the face of the boy/girl really heartbreaking. For similar reasons I find the paintings of Lydia Lunch moving as portraits, of innocence under threat. A lot of my pictures act as a memorials to the violated or hurt.

“I also paint funny pictures!..themes of human folly and hubris, such as Buttastic and obviously (since I’m dealing in those terms), I’ve painted myself too!”

The exhibition will run until 19 April, with all works open to offers.



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