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Gallery: Jacques Brodier

January 2017

Yaddith, 1992

Tsunami, 1993

Le Poisson Et L'oiseau, 2010

Conversation, 2015

Admonestation, 1996

Au Pays Des Dragons, 1993

Prisoners, 1998

Paysage Froid, 2008

Cratère D'impact, 2007

Iseut, 2003

Annonciation, 2002

Filtra Da Rialitarh, 2011

Paysage, 2016

View a selection of unpublished artwork by the French musician, visual artist and inventor whose latest album was released by Penultimate Press

Jacques Brodier is a writer, visual artist, musician and instrument builder. Though he has been making music since the 1970s, his new release Xhos De Villemahu, a collection of recordings made between 2009–16, is only his second release. Talking to Philip Clark about the connection between his music and artworks in The Wire 395, Brodier explains, “I take a sheet of paper without knowing what I will draw. Then an image appears. At first it has such low contrast that it seems completely white. Then I draw in order to see it better. This way of working is familiar to me; it is the same approach for the Filter Of Reality. We are selective beings. Plunged into an inextricable, complex environment, which seems to contain everything possible, we give meaning to an interpretation that supports our will to exist.”

Xhos De Villemahu is released by Penultimate Press, the same label that reissued his first album Filtre De Réalité back in 2012.

Subscribers can read Philip Clark's full article with Brodier via Exact Editions.

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