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Gallery: Marie Staggat’s photos of Detroit’s electronic music scene

April 2016

Terrence Parker in Detroit, 2014

Kelli Hand aka K-Hand in Detroit, 2015

Marcellus Pittman in his backyard, Detroit, 2014

Amp Fiddler in his Detroit studio, 2014

Kenny Dixon Jr aka Moodymann in Amsterdam, 2010

Carol Marvin, founder of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, in Detroit, 2015

Daniel Bell in Detroit Threads record store, 2012

DJ Stingray, Berlin, 2015

Check out Marie Staggat’s photographs of pioneers and innovators of techno and house

Berlin based photographer Marie Staggat has travelled to Detroit on numerous occasions in recent years to cover the past, present and future of the city’s dance scene. Her book 313ONELOVE is a love letter to the city and its music, with more than 170 photos of movers and shakers in the city’s techno and house communities, and this gallery presents a selection of the best of them. The book is out now.

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