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Gallery: Neuzeit Tarot by Walter Wegmüller

October 2017

The Magician

The Empress


The Sage

The Wheel Of Fortune

Two Coins



Four Cups

Ten Cups

Six Swords

Seven Swords

Check out the Neuzeit Tarot of Swiss painter Walter Wegmüller, as featured in The Wire 404

Walter Wegmüller is a Swiss painter who in the 1970s teamed up with krautrock supergroup The Cosmic Jokers to release the 1973 album Tarot, with an epic line-up of musicians including Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching, Harald Grosskopf, Jurgen Dollase, Walter Westrupp, Hartmut Enke and Jerry Berkers. Wegmüller had become known in underground circles for his tarot artwork, and for the album, he took to the mic to tell the story behind the imagery for each card.

“We came up with this idea to make tarot music,” Wegmüller, now 80 years old, explains to Geeta Dayal in The Wire 404. “First I made it a tarot theatre, but these German people had much interest in making an LP. So then we had a double LP, with this tarot, 22 stories… For all these cards I have read the story from the symbols, and the music people in Germany have translated my idea into the music.”

In this gallery you can see a selection of some of Wegmüller’s Neuzeit Tarot (New Age Tarot) cards, and subscribers can read Geeta Dayal's article via Exact Editions. An exhibition of works by Wegmüller, called Art, Krautrock And Tarot, in currently on show at St Gallen Museum Im Lagerhaus until 11 November.

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