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Gallery: the 1970s journey of Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids

June 2016

Idris Ackamoor (born Bruce Baker) circa 1971, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, in rehearsal with The Collective

Ackamoor (left), Margaux Simmons and Toni Owens at the marriage of Ackamoor and Simmons, Lake Ivanhoe, Wisconsin, 1973

Ackamoor in Accra, Ghana, circa 1973

Kimathi Asante in Kiambu, Kenya, with Kikuyu Dancers circa 1973

Ackamoor at Riorki Coffee Estate in Kiambu, Kenya, circa 1973

Donald Robinson (left), Bradie Speller, Simmons, Ackamoor, Asante at Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, 1974 – photo shot for their album King Of Kings.

Ackamoor (left), Simmons, Kim Euell, Robinson in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, circa 1974

Simmons and Ackamoor at Mapenzi Club in Oakland, California, circa 1975

Ackamoor and Simmons in San Francisco circa 1975

Euell (left), Simmons and Ackamoor circa 1974

Check out images of the extraordinary odyssey of Idris Ackamoor’s jazz group The Pyramids through the 1970s, from their genesis in Antioch College in Ohio through their journeys across Africa to their spell in the fertile Bay Area scene of the mid-70s.

The Pyramids came together in the 1970s at Antioch College, Ohio, as part of Cecil Taylor’s Black Music Ensemble. They travelled across Africa in the early 70s, playing with local musicians and adding new instruments to their ensemble, before returning to the US and taking root in San Francisco in the middle part of the decade. The group broke up in 1977 but have reformed under the guidance of Ackamoor several times, and the current incarnation of the group, with longterm bassist Kimathi Asante, have released a new album We Be All Africans on Strut. A feature about the group by Geeta Dayal is in The Wire 389, and subscribers to The Wire can read that, and hundreds of other reviews, articles and features, in our online archive.

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