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Gallery: a collection of graphic scores from Tonebook

September 2017

“Planning Permissions” by Eli Keszler

Excerpt from “Afterwars” by Leila Bordreuil

Excerpt from “Beyond Ignorance” by Cory Bracken

Excerpt from “The Ansugo Studies” by Alan Courtis

“Cassette Memories” by Aki Onda

Excerpt from “Pattern Study For Bell Piece No. 33” by Pat Spadine

Excerpt from “Lace: Movement II” by Zeena Parkins

Excerpt from “Strategies, I, II, III” by Morgan Evans-Weiler

Excerpt from “...lahgo adil’i dine doo yeehosinilgii yidaaghi” by Raven Chacon

A book of graphic scores has been released by Inpatient Press, featuring work by Lea Bertucci, Eli Keszler, Aki Onda, Zeena Parkins and others

Inpatient Press have released Tonebook, a 91-page survey of graphic scores by a selection of experimental composers including Lea Bertucci, Leila Bourdreuil, Cory Bracken, Raven Chacon, Alan Courtis, Anne Guthrie, Eli Keszler, Phill Niblock, Aki Onda, Zeena Parkins, Stephen Vitiello, Nate Wooley and others.

Edited by Michael Anzuoni and Lea Bertucci, Tonebook is “both an exhibition and a manual”, explain the publishers. “It is meant to be both seen as well as heard.”

In the book, the scores have been reproduced in full colour along with detailed notes from the composers. You can order the book via Inpatient Press.


"Graphic scores, who evolve on screens, are exciting questions of our time. We are going toward a "multimedia music notation" with no doubt. The potential developments are not simply considered in their technological aspects, but to enlarge the art of sound, composition, interpretation and performance. This because musical notation has always been adapted to new technologies, from the Neumes, and even before, to our time : ...stone tablet, papyrus, printing, multimedia tablet…

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