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A gallery taken from Panther Publishing's archive of sound systems fliers, reprinted in a recent book by Rollo Press.

José Luis Lugo Hernández, owner of Panther Publishing in Mexico City, has been amassing a collection of fliers for the disco sound system movement since its beginnings in Mexico in the 1980s. The fliers above were all drawn by graphic designer Jaime Ruelas, who started out as the DJ for light and sound system Polymarchs, and went on to become its graphic designer, developing the logo and drawing the sci-fi tinged futuristic illustrations.

Ruelas says: "We started with simple drawings, nothing elaborate... Since I was free to do what I wanted, I started down the road that I liked, and everybody really caught on to my work. So I started to loosen up and let my mind go wherever it wanted, and every time I did a drawing I imagined the stories that could take us to the scene."

300 from a collection of thousands of fliers are reprinted as part of Panther Publishing and Rollo Press's series of books on sound systems in Mexico City, with the first in the series compiling Mirjam Wirz's photographs documenting the scene, the second the bootlegged counterpart of the first, printed and distributed in Mexico City at sound system events. The third this collection of flyers compiled by Wirz from thousands she found lying around in the printing house in stacks of plastic bags.

The first two books in the series were published by Mirjam Wirz, and the flyer colletion, La Colección de Panther (Panther’s Collection) is published by Wirz in collaboration with Rollo Press, distributed by Idea Books in Amsterdam.

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