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Gallery: Houston Rap, documented by Peter Beste

January 2014

Z-Ro, Missouri City, 2006.

South Park, 2005.

South Houston, 2006.

Club 808, South Park, 2008.

Abandoned School, Fifth Ward, 2011.

C-Note Of Botany Boyz (view from his car), Cloverland, 2005.

Devin The Dude in his studio, The Coughee Pot, Bellaire, 2007.

South Park, 2007.

Willie D, Fifth Ward, 2011.

Scarface, South Park, 2008

The Geto Boys’ Willie D was allegedly introduced to Rap-A-Lot CEO James Prince by a man with a hole in his throat in a barbershop in Fifth Ward. This is neither that man, nor that barbershop, but the clipper buzz provides the vibrating electro-larynx generator. This image somehow reminds me of that close shave scene from Army of Shadows.

MLK Boulevard, South Park, 2006.

Kyu Boi, Orleans, South Park, 2005.

Images from the book by the photographer Peter Beste with writer Lance Scott Walker.

Photographer Peter Beste and writer Lance Scott Walker spent eight years in Houston, documenting the scene and interviewing producers, community leaders, lesser know rappers and major celebrities from the city, collected and published as Houston Rap. The book is reviewed by Dave Tompkins in The Wire 359.

Houston Rap is published by Sinecure Books on 25 November. All photographs are copyright Peter Beste. Text by Lance Scott Walker, edited by Johan Kugelberg.


Thank you for these. Any photographs from the 1990's would be appreciated.

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