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In Writing


Bell Labs: Noise For Your Nose

July 2014

“That musician really gets up my nose”. Like a bloodhound, Mr Bell picks up on the scent of a new musical accompaniment and asks whether it's gesamtkunstwerk or gimmick.


Yan Jun: Which Hell Do You Prefer?

May 2014

"The end of the world has already happened and we are all living in that apocalypse together." Yan Jun takes the temperature of two of China's biggest cities and their music.


Stewart Home: Keep Fit

April 2014

Novelist and poet Stewart Home listens in to getting pumped, and works out some listening suggestions for the more discerning gym bunny.


Bell Labs: Sole Music

March 2014

Clive Bells laces up his travellin' shoes and goes for a wander through the clips, clops and squeaks of footwear in music.


Yan Jun: Thanks For My Chinglish

January 2014

Writer, musician and Sub Jam label runner Yan Jun tells a story about Chinglish music and what happens when the King Kongs and Godzillas of world music collide.


Bell Labs: Ear To The Rail

December 2013

All aboard with Clive Bell: "Musicians love trains. They sing about them, imitate their sounds, and scamper, instrument in hand, for the last departure homebound after a show."


Bell Labs: Drum Roll, Please

October 2013

Clive Bell takes a look at the Tweets, the column inches, the bitching and the I’m-above-all-this-nonsense that music competitions attract.