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Lou Reed 1942–2013: Lydia Lunch: Reed Only

November 2013

Lou Reed died 27 October, 2013. Lydia Lunch pays tribute to the gender bender.

A hilarious, grumpy, ground breaking gender bender, who lived far longer than even he expected, and whose broad ranging influence, like most visionaries, will go down in history as a big fat fuck you in the face of mainstream culture.


She said this to The Quietus a month ago:

-Talking about 'Berlin'- ".....I guess Lou should have committed suicide after that because he's pretty much sucked since then, let's face it Lou. Apart from maybe a few songs on Sally Can't Dance. Even Bob Quine couldn't save his tired old ass. I met him for a few minutes recently. He was a grumpy fuck. I don't know, I think he's suffered like Iggy and a few others I'd rather not name, they give this vocal parody of themselves, like they can't find something that they originally had or something else to do with it and it becomes this ridiculous parody. I don't think Lou Reed ever had that much to say in the first place, but he said it really well and he covered some great topics..."

¿? Maybe it's my frontier due to it's not my language but I don't get it

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